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  • 24

    Supreme Court Judgement

    Contrary to expectation in legal circles, the English courts have ruled against the Government after a three day hearing, saying that the suspension of Parliament by Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a five week period was unlawful.
  • 19

    Adverse Possession Issues Still Alive And Kicking

    The recent case of King and Anor v The Benefice of Newburn in the Diocese of Newcastle (2019)[1] confirmed a couple of key points that residential property lawyers have long been aware of.
  • 16

    Pre-wedding Checklist

    As we enter the autumn wedding season it seems a good opportunity to revisit the question of what marriage means for your succession planning and your Will.
  • 16

    “unsustainable” Funding System For Pupils With Special Educational Needs

    The National Audit Office (NAO) has concluded that the system for supporting pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) is not, on current trends, sustainable.
  • 12

    When Does It All End?

    When is a building project completed?

    It sounds like a relatively simple question to answer. However, from a legal perspective, while in other industries working out when something has been finished is much more black and white, when it comes to building works, the construction industry has long allowed a more subjective and therefore variable interpretation.
  • 10

    When You Can’t Sell Your Home Because Your Partner Has Dementia

    “My husband has severe dementia and I would like to sell our house so we can move closer to our children.” This enquiry is increasingly common.
  • 06

    Remember A Charity In Your Will Week 2019

    Following last year’s disappointing news that the UK was no longer amongst the Top 10 of the world’s most generous countries, the CAF World Giving Index 2018 found a reversal of this trend amongst most of the top- scoring Western countries (including the UK, now in 6th place).

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  • 29

    Caster Semenya Ruling - A New Age For Gender Categorisation In Sports?

    Last month, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (“CAS”) ruled against Caster Semenya in her long-standing dispute with the International Association of Athletics Federation (“IAAF”). The decision means Semenya has no choice but to lower her testosterone level in order to compete in international mid-distance events.
  • 21

    Issues That Arise When Dealing With Leasehold Property

    Many people are aware that properties in England and Wales will fall into one of two categories – they will either be freehold or leasehold.
  • 16

    Dangers Of A Wrongly Executed Lasting Power Of Attorney

    Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) give legal authority to attorneys to act on your behalf in a situation where you are unable (or unwilling) to deal with matters yourself. There are two different types – one deals with finance and the other deals with health and care.
  • 09

    Lawexchange International Marks 25 Years

    LawExchange International (LEI), a global network of independent law firms founded by Hewitsons, marked its 25th anniversary at a conference in Prague.
  • 03

    Brexit And Construction

    The news that the contractors building Crossrail have claimed £900m in additional costs having issued more than 21,000 compensation claims highlights the importance of following the procedure under construction contracts when delays and cost overruns occur, or when they are threatening to arise.

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  • 27

    Was The Seller Ready, Able And Willing?

    In Oakley v Harper McKay Developments the High Court held that a Seller of an office block, to be converted into flats, was entitled to rescind the contract for the sale after the Buyer failed to respond to a notice to complete.
  • 27

    Challenges For Independent Schools Seeking To Leave The Teachers’ Pension Scheme

    Employer contributions in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (“TPS”) will be rising by over 7% from September, which will have a significant effect on overall pension costs. We consider why this is happening and what approaches independent schools could take if they are considering ending access to the TPS.
  • 26

    Solicitors For The Elderly (sfe) Member Urges People To Check Eligibility For Lpa Refund

    Hewitsons' Senior Solicitor Rachel Hawkins is urging people to check their eligibility for a lasting power of attorney (LPA) fee refund, after almost two million people were overcharged by the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) between 2013 and 2017. Claimants can expect to receive a refund of up to £54, with any accrued interested since the registration was made.
  • 22

    A Good Rise: Hewitsons Advises The Good Loaf On Town Centre Business Purchase

    A client of Hewitsons’ Charities and Social Enterprise Team, The Good Loaf, is taking ownership of the All Saints Bistro from Mayor of Northampton, Tony Ansell.
  • 19

    Artificial Intelligence (ai) – How Law Firms Are Adapting For The Future

    It has taken me several hours to research and write this article. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the use of artificial intelligence techniques could have helped me to do it in far less time. All I would need to have done is to have given a theme, provided some parameters and……hey presto, an article that would have been maybe 90 or 95 per cent complete. But is this close to becoming a reality, or am I dreaming?
  • 15

    Brexit – The Clock Is Counting Down Towards A New Framework Of Law

    By virtue of The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, from 29 March 2019 the UK will enter a new legal world; a world in which English law will be a mix of the before and the after – those parts of European Law that are retained and a newly created body of law to fill many of the gaps that are left. With just days to go and without a transition period agreed, the rush is now on to establish the framework for that new body of law in a ‘no-deal’ context.
  • 15

    Hewitsons Advises On The Sale Of Significant Medical Diagnostic Business

    Hewitsons recently acted for the owners of United Open MRI Limited (“United Open”) on the sale of the shares in the company to InHealth Limited, the UK’s largest specialist provider of diagnostic solutions to the NHS and independent sector.
  • 11

    The Dangers Of Using An Unregulated Will Writer

    A recent study undertaken by IRN Research revealed that 19% of people who made a Will in 2018 used Will Writers, rather than a solicitor. However, the report also reveals that the majority of those people were not aware that Will Writers are unregulated.
  • 05

    First Step Towards Diploma For Hewitsons Solicitors

    Two more solicitors from Hewitsons’ Private Wealth team are on their way to receiving a globally recognised diploma that will position them as leading experts in their field.
  • 01

    What Does ‘contesting A Will’ Mean?

    Disputes over the terms of a Deceased individuals Will, occur more frequently than you might think. Hewitsons Will & Estate Disputes Team specialise in disputes of this nature. We are regularly contacted and instructed to advise individuals on what is required to contest a Will, where somebody is dissatisfied with the terms of the Deceased’s Will.

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