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22nd July 2019

Beecham House - his family is expanding so what type of Will does John need?

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A finale of neat, happy endings until the last loose end is replaced by a violent upset. Real life can also include the unexpected, though rarely so dramatically. John was naive and failed to plan, just assuming everything would be fine while he was gone. Now that he has a fiancée, John needs to plan his Will. We’ve already covered the importance of executors and of guardians and of a pre-nuptial. The key now is the structure and, for John, the use of a popular Will Trust.

John needs to balance providing for a child from a previous relationship with providing for a new wife. A life interest trust enables him to do just that. His widow would have the use of the assets, but on her death there would be a guaranteed inheritance for Augusta, not just the future children.

However kind Margaret may be, it’s asking a bit much to expect her voluntarily to deprive her own children in favour of someone else’s - especially once John is no longer there as the link. So he should consider a life interest trust Will - and reduce the amount of unexpected surprises!

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