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24th June 2019

Beecham House – why did John leave the East India Company? And what would happen this century?

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After the first episode, I’m wondering who John Beecham really is – and what has he done? Why has he left his employer? Probably the largest in India at that time, so difficult to leave and compete against.  Has he been pressurised by the East India Company into unethical practices – or, even worse, work practices which have resulted in deaths? He certainly seems to have something on his mind. Something that drove him to leave the Company rather than get sucked further in. He may now find the Company becomes a formidable opponent. There are sinister undertones that the Company are not above causing a death to further their business. In the 1700s, leaving may have been the only ( honourable) option, although my employment team colleagues tell me that is no longer the case.

In this century, employees have the protection of Whistleblowing legislation. This ensures they cannot be penalised by their employer if they bring unlawful or dangerous practices to light. If you are an employer and a colleague complains that they have been mistreated because they have raised concerns, our Employment team can help you.

I wonder what we will find out as the series progresses, about John’s reasons, about August’s background and about his family, friends – and the pretty governess? Watch this space.