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15th May 2015

Cambridge News Education Awards 2015

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Hewitsons is delighted to be sponsoring the inaugural Cambridge News Education Awards and in particular the Award for ''Contribution to the Local Community', something very close to our hearts. For more information on these awards and how to nominate, visit the Cambridge News website.

We have been advising schools for many years and we continually take great pleasure in the diversity of these schools and the opportunity to contribute to their success by advising, supporting and generally keeping them on the right path.

One of our mantras is that a school is a business: behind the educational aims and the interests of the pupils, staff and parents, there is a business to be run and that requires dedication, skill, and robust governance. A business needs the best structure, the best governance, and the best staff. With these in place, the best results will follow. At Hewitsons we have parents and governors, so we know what it’s like on the front line, but our main contribution to the success of schools is to advise them on every aspect of the law, regulation and governance of their business: we are the back-stop.

Contribution to our local communities is also at the heart of what we do. We advise every type of charity and social enterprise, including support for small ones and start-ups, encourage our staff in volunteering and fundraising endeavours, and through the annual Chariots of Fire race held in Cambridge we generate tens of thousands every year for charities – over £1m in its 23 years, organised through Hewitsons Charitable Trust.

We are really pleased to be involved in these awards and look forward to congratulating the winner of the Contribution to the Local Community Award during the award ceremony on Tuesday 16th June.

See our education services page for more information or click here to email our Head of Education, Chris Knight.