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26th July 2013

Charity Commission issues crucial advice for trustees on decision making

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It’s Your Decision: Charity Commission issues crucial governance advice for trustees on decision making The Charity Commission has just published formal guidance as to the law and regulation concerning trustees’ decision making.

Covering trustees’ legal duties, conflicts of interest, delegation, potential challenges, and the Commission’s role, this is a valuable compendium of the various important issues affecting trustees’ governance. Our head of charities, Chris Knight, was part of the Charity Law Association’s working party which contributed to the drafting of this guidance. He comments, “We continually see the challenges trustees grapple with in governing their charities and this guidance should help with some of the more common issues. Even for experienced trustees, fresh situations arise requiring careful management.” The guidance can be read here: If you have any queries in running your charity, call Chris on: 01604 472361 or click here to email him.