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28th July 2020

Charity Commission releases new Business Plan for 2020 - 2021

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The Charity Commission recently released their business plan for 2020/21. They have set out their purpose, which is ensuring that charities “can thrive and inspire trust, so that people can improve lives and strengthen society.” The plan, which can be found here, sets out the five strategic objectives that they intend to follow in order achieve their purpose, the objectives are:

  • Holding charities to account;
  • Dealing with wrongdoing and harm;
  • Informing public choice;
  • Giving charities the understanding and tools, they need; and
  • Keeping charity relevant.
In order to achieve all of the above, the Commission have said that they intend on prioritising “being open for business” and “being a better, more professional organisation”. Certainly, whilst we have noticed that their service has improved in the last few months, we know many of our clients would welcome better accessibility to caseworkers and swifter, more helpful responses.

The Commission explain that their plan was developed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, which they go on to say only “emphasises the importance of our response and strategy in helping ensure that charity thrives”.

The Commission ends their plan by setting out five key deliverables to be achieved by the end of 2020/21 which include delivering “further improvements to the effectiveness of our regulatory work” and delivering “revamped core guidance and an improved website … making it easy for Trustees to access what they need.”

The business plan is detailed, and the objectives, if achieved, would be extremely beneficial for the sector, we therefore look forward to watching the sector thrive as a result of the proposed plans.

For more information on the items raised in this article please contact a member of our Charities Team.
Virginia Henley
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