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03rd May 2017

Charity Finance Group publishes new edition of ‘Navigating the Charity Pensions Maze’

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The Charity Finance Group has updated its report on ‘Navigating the Charity Pensions Maze’ which offers practical guidance to help charities navigate pension issues.
Like the previous edition, discussed by us here, it contains sections on defined benefit schemes (and multi employer defined benefit schemes), defined contribution schemes and auto-enrolment. It also contains an update from the Pensions Regulator for small and micro employers that have still to reach their staging date which will require them to provide information to all workers about pensions and enrol their eligible jobholders into an automatic enrolment scheme.

The new edition also contains a section on planning and reporting outlining how to deal with pension in annual reports and when contracting with another employer, including some of the issues that can arise on joining the local government pension scheme that we discuss here.

If your organisation needs help navigating the charity pensions maze, please contact Christopher Nuttall on 01604 463134 or click here to email Chris. For more information on our pension services please click here.