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06th December 2012

CIOs: Go Go Go!!!

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Charitable Incorporated Organisations can apply to be registered by the Charity Commission from this Monday 10 December.

After just over four years of false dawns, the new corporate structure for charities is at long last ready to be used. Secondary legislation which was necessary to implement the new structure introduced by the Charities Act 2006 (and now in the Charities Act 2011) has now passed through Parliament and been approved.

The Charity Commission has been reported as saying it will begin considering applications from 10 December but CIOs will not be registered until after 3 January when the legislation becomes effective.

At first only applications from new charities will be accepted. However from March 2013 it is expected applications for conversion to being a CIO from unincorporated charities will be accepted (largest charities first), followed by conversion applications from corporate charities in 2014.

If you have any questions at all including as regards Charitable Incorporated Organisations, please call or email Chris Knight on 01604 463103 or