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13th September 2018

Corridor announced to unlock full potential of England's economic heartland

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The preferred route for the Oxford Cambridge Expressway has been announced. Routes via Aylesbury (A) and in the existing A421 corridor (C) have been rejected in favour of a route within the East-West rail corridor (B). The remainder of the link M4 to A14/M11 link is proposed to be provided by upgrading stretches of the A34,A421,A428 and A1 to Expressway standards.

This decision identifies the areas in which it can be expected that development will be concentrated because of the high level of access by road and rail.  This does not, however, rule out development in the wider arc and the government has commissioned England’s economic heartland to carry out a study of how to provide better connectivity across the wider area.

A full public consultation will be held next year to consider more detailed designs. The road is expected to be open to traffic in 2030.