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02nd November 2020

COVID-19 An update from Hewitsons

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In line with the new COVID-19 lock down rules due to come into effect on 5 November, here at Hewitsons we will be taking measures to ensure compliance with the new measures but also ensuring business continuity and the well-being of our clients and members of the firm.

This note is by way of an update.

  • All of our legal Teams along with the majority of our support personnel (other than a skeleton crew operation in our offices) will be operating remotely from our offices.

  • Since March, our response to the COVID-19 outbreak has been co-ordinated by a cross firm management group – ‘The COVID-19 Task Force’ – which will continue to co-ordinate and implement measures in response to the pandemic and, as far as possible, it will be business as usual for us in undertaking our full range of legal specialisms.

  • All 210+ members of our firm can access our IT network remotely and our legal Teams are in communication with clients and contacts via a variety of forms of telecom and video applications. As we have been doing, we will continue to run meetings and training presentations (internal and external), other than in a physical face to face environment.

  • All of our offices will remain ‘open’ to facilitate client matters where it is essential for us to utilise our locations.

  • As well as maintaining our ability to provide high quality legal advice services for our UK clients we are also working for clients instructing us via our international network of independent law firms, LawExchange International.  The 34 member firms of LawExchange have been in regular contact throughout the pandemic and in regard to how each has responded to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation as it applies Worldwide. 

  • Tracking the latest from the UK Government we will be regularly updating our Coronavirus/COVID-19 response measures. We are ensuring that all members of the firm are aware and fully appreciate what is required of them.

  • Our website includes a dedicated section with a range of advice notes on how to tackle the current crisis (

    In these unique times we have been proud to see how all members of Hewitsons have come together. We have also appreciated the understanding and support that we have received from our many clients and contacts and we will continue to work with you through the current exceptional situation.