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31st January 2020

Government launches charity safeguarding portal

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The government has launched a new online portal to help charities manage safeguarding concerns and allegations. The portal offers step-by-step guidance on what charities should do if they have concerns about safeguarding and helps them identify the right people to contact about their concerns. It also directs users towards helpful resources, allowing them to print a record of the actions they have taken about their concerns.

Six organisations were awarded a share of £1.2million to publicise the portal and guidance to their networks. These organisations include National Association for Voluntary Community Action and Social Care Institute for Excellence.

As part of the project, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, along with other bodies, developed a series of free factsheets, practical tools, podcasts and videos to promote safeguarding culture in charities.

With well-known high-profile cases of safeguarding incidents in charitable organisations , the importance of safeguarding within the charity sector cannot be overlooked. How this will work in practice remains to be seen but it is a big step towards keeping children, young people and vulnerable adults safe in the knowledge that there is a space in which they can make a report.

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