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23rd February 2021

Importance of trademark registration

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If the name of your charity is not registered as a trademark you should give this consideration.

It is generally sensible for all businesses or other organisations including charities to consider obtaining a registration. A charity’s name and brand are assets which trademark registration will protect from unlawful use by others. Advice in this area will also establish whether the name of the charity is used or registered by some other business, as this might lead to difficulties going forward.

Trademarks are registered in relation to the ‘class’ of goods or services in use by the owner, so, for example, a clothing designer will register in relation to clothing, but not medicines as these are in a different class.

Trademark registration is carried out by specialists called Trademark Attorneys. These are experts who also work with Patent Attorneys on the registration of intellectual property rights. Hewitsons’ specialist IP team have good links with a number of such attorneys and would be pleased (for no fee) to provide an initial assessment of your charity’s situation and, if appropriate, make a referral to a suitable firm. The cost of trademark registration is usually reasonable (up to about £1,200 for a straightforward application) and an initial assessment will usually be free.

Please contact Virginia Henley or Mark Elmslie for further assistance.