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18th May 2020

International Law Conference Goes On!

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LawExchange International (LEI), a global network of independent law firms is to hold its regional European conference online this Thursday (21st May), hosted by Hewitsons. The show will go on, despite COVID-19, for over 80 delegates who are expected to attend from 34 of LEI’s member firms in 29 countries.

LEI was founded in 1994 by law firm Hewitsons, which has offices in Cambridge, London, Milton Keynes and Northampton. Since then, the group has grown to comprise firms together employing some 1,700 lawyers in over 30 jurisdictions around the world.

The group’s purpose is to enable member firms to connect clients with trusted solicitors in other jurisdictions. This way, clients who are seeking to do business abroad can quickly receive expert advice from a reputable and familiar firm that understands the relevant jurisdiction’s laws, procedures, politics, economic environment and cultural practices.

Experts from various member firms will gave presentations and take part in discussions during the event, which this year has a special focus on young lawyers.

The event will open with a welcoming address from managing partner Colin Jones of Hewitsons, followed by a presentation from new chairman Allan Ritchie from Canadian law firm Loopstra Nixon LLP. Kris Caluwaerts from Belgian firm Caluwaerts Uytterhoeven will then give his vision for the future of LEI and how his firm has tackled the setting up of offices in a COVID-19 environment.

Nineteen members of the LEI Young Lawyers’ Group will form a panel to discuss how they are tackling life and practice development during the coronavirus crisis. Lewis Isaacs, founder of LEI will close the conference.

Managing partner Colin Jones said: “We are delighted to be able to push ahead with the conference, albeit online, having previously had to postpone the physical event, scheduled for March. This conference enables representatives from LEI firms to network, share information and expertise about important legal topics. Through these conferences, our members have formed strong, lasting relationships – some now spanning a quarter of a century – which are at the heart of LEI’s efficacy.”

He added: “For us all, business goes on as normal despite the pandemic and we are all pleased that the event is able to go on, despite the current crisis.”

LEI firms benefit from fellow members’ referrals. All LEI firms go through a rigorous selection process to ensure they meet the highest standards of professional competence, reputation, integrity and commitment to exceptional client service, among other criteria. As such, LEI includes some of the top commercial firms serving middle-market and entrepreneurial businesses worldwide.

Delegates meet regularly at LEI conferences in the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, which feature lectures, break-out groups and discussions, focusing on different legal topics each time.

Current LEI initiatives include setting up an ‘LEI Help Desk’, through which the group’s largest firms will help smaller members with IT, finance and marketing.

For more information, visit or connect with LawExchange International on LinkedIn.