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02nd November 2015

Missed the Tax Return Deadline?

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The deadline for a good old fashioned paper tax return for the year to 5 April 2015 expired on 31st October.

This was the deadline for HMRC to receive the return, not for it to be posted. HM Revenue & Customs take an increasingly dim view of missed deadlines and will charge penalties and interest automatically with even severe illness, or the death of a taxpayer not always an “excuse”. There is an automatic minimum £100 penalty for paper returns received by HMRC after 31st October. This can become a daily penalty!

There is, however, a solution. At Hewitsons we are able to prepare your tax return for you and submit this online – which means that the deadline is extended to the 31st January 2016. Now that doesn’t mean you can deliver details to us on Friday 29th January, but it does mean you’re not too late to contact us now and save the cost of the penalty and interest. It could also save you a few nasty official letters and sleepless nights!

Are you a trustee of a trust and have a tax return to submit? If so we can also assist you with the preparation and submission of Trust Tax returns and arrange for these to be submitted online to H M Revenue & Customs.

If either of these services could be of interest to you please contact Eric Wardle or Elaine Morgan in our Tax and Trusts team or contact them on 01604 233233 or to learn more about our Tax and Trusts service visit our dedicated website pages.