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07th February 2018

Protecting your good name

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One issue which is sometimes overlooked by charities is the protection of their name. This can also apply to brand names for goods and services marketed by a charity. Brand and business names can be amongst the most valuable assets of any undertaking. They should be protected, and the best way to do so is registering the name as a trade mark at the Intellectual Property Office.

It is just as important, when choosing a charity name or the name of a product or service offered by a charity, to avoid inadvertent use of the rights of others. Clearance checking is relatively straightforward and cost effective but, like registration, it requires expert input.

There are good reasons to clear names before use and to register them. Trade marks are badges of origin, they perform a vital function in telling the public who is offering the services or selling the goods in question. So they need to be protected by registration. Failure to clear a mark for use and subsequent advertent use of someone else’s trade mark can lead to disputes and even litigation, as well as the need to start all over again in coming up with a new name.

Hewitsons IP team has many years of experience in handling IP matters. Whilst we can advise on and undertake trade mark filing, searching and clearance; it is more cost effective to use specialist trade mark or patent attorneys for this task. We have a close working relationship with a number of such firms and will be pleased to find the right one for particular client needs.

For more information please contact Virginia Henley on 01604 463345 or click here to email Virginia or alternatively contact Mark Elmslie on 01223 532720 or click here to email Mark.