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19th March 2021

Public consultation on modernising LPAs to be launched

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On 16 February 2021, the Office of the Public Guardian announced that it was working with the Ministry of Justice on a project to modernise lasting powers of attorney (‘LPAs’). A public consultation is to be launched in spring 2021 on possible changes to the legal framework. This has been brought about by changes in behaviour during the pandemic, particularly an increasing demand for services to be provided by digital means.

The project aims to increase safeguards for donors, improve the process of making and registering LPAs, and ensure LPAs are as affordable as possible. The Ministry of Justice has already hosted a series of workshops and discussions on LPAs, including conversations on the role of the witness and the application process. It is hoped that the public consultation will result in the collection of a wider range of data and evidence which will help further improve LPAs in the future.

If you would like to know more about LPAs and whether you should consider making one, please contact Elizabeth Herbert or Rachel Hawkins.    

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