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03rd January 2017

Remembering a Charity in your Will

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Legacies and bequests from generous individuals have always helped shape and enrich charities. Legacies of all sizes enable charities to carry out their invaluable work.
Hewitsons is proud to support the Remember A Charity scheme. We have strong charities and private wealth teams who can help you leave an effective charitable bequest. Our experience means you’ll have the reassurance your wishes will be properly carried out.

We have seen how much charities benefit from receiving bequests. Whilst charities can never rely on such unpredictable sources, in fact, income from charitable legacies is worth more than £2 billion a year to charities in the UK. The number of those choosing to remember a charity in their Will is on the rise, with 37,000 Wills in England, Scotland and Wales leaving a legacy to a charity in 2015.

All legacies left to qualifying charities are exempt from Inheritance Tax. Leaving a significant part of your estate to charity can also result in a reduced rate of Inheritance Tax applying to the rest of your estate.

The private wealth and charities teams will help you tailor your charity bequest to suit your wishes. Other than straightforward gifts to charities, you may wish to consider creating a new charity in your Will, perhaps to memorialise your family name, or that if a loved one, if the circumstances are appropriate.

It is naturally very important your wishes are clear if you make a gift to a charity in your Will, to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Before drafting your Will, we will ask you to complete a Will Questionnaire, including details of all legacies to be paid on your death. If you wish to leave a charitable bequest, we will ensure your chosen charity is correctly identified and any restrictions you wish to place on the gift is set out in the required format.

If you would like advice on leaving charitable gifts in your Will, please contact Antonia Cooper on
01604 463314 or click here to email.