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15th June 2017

Sports Governance Code

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The Government’s Sporting Future strategy published in 2015 set out the requirement for a Code of Governance for publically funded sports organisations in the UK. The Code for Sports Governance (the ‘Code’) was published jointly by UK Sport and Sport England in October 2016  and came into effect in April this year.
The Code applies to all sports bodies and organisations receiving or wishing to receive funding from either Sport England or UK Sport, whether at elite or grassroots  level.

To apply this on a proportionate basis,  the Code adopts a 3-tiered approach. The Tier 1 Requirements are a minimum requirement and apply to all organisations receiving funding. Tier 2 applies to organisations receiving in the region of £250,000 to £1 million in funding, often as a one off payment. These organisations are required to comply with some but not all of the Tier 3 Requirements, in addition to the Tier 1 Requirements. The Tier 3 Requirements apply in their entirety to organisations receiving more than £1 million over a 4 year cycle.

The Code outlines 5 basic Principles of good governance. These are non-mandatory but provide the structure for and inform all the Requirements of the Code which are mandatory. The Principles refer to:

  • Structure
  • People
  • Communication
  • Standards of Conduct
  • Policies and Processes
A copy of the Code can be found at

If you are a sports body or organisation and require advice on governance or any aspect of your organisation’s activities, please contact a member of our Sports team.