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10th November 2020

The Prime Minister pledges that the Government will do “much more” to support the voluntary sector

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In response to a Parliamentary question, the Prime Minister has promised to do “much more to support the voluntary sector” over the winter.

The shadow charities minister, Rachael Maskell, asked Boris Johnson what additional resources he will “bring forward to ensure they can deliver vital services at this time”.  She stated that as “fundraising opportunities have dried up and retail stores have been closing down, charities themselves are predicted to have a £10bn deficit, and yet are providing more and more services”.

The Prime Minister replied that the Government “will be doing much more over the winter to support the voluntary sector, which is, as she rightly says, doing a fantastic job of helping in this crisis.”

It remains to be seen whether the Prime Minister’s pledge consists of expenditure not previously announced or whether he was referring to resources that have already been committed to the sector.

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