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13th February 2013

UK & US LEI firms link up to support UK regional development

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Hewitsons LLP and US firms Hutchison PLLC and Morse Barnes- Brown & Pendleton PC have linked up to help the Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership (NEP), a UK local authority funded agency responsible for attracting investment into the county of Northamptonshire.

The county is the UK home of Formula One motor racing and is home to three world famous circuits, including Silverstone. The presence of the circuits and a number of F1 Team HQs’s in the county, has kick started the development of a world leading technology cluster comprising more than 1000 businesses supporting the industry. The high performance ‘Composite’ technology materials derived from the motor racing environment are now being applied worldwide in a whole range of other industries, including Clean-Tech, marine and aerospace and the region now hosts the largest Enterprise Zone in the UK, providing tax incentives for the establishment of new technology sector businesses.

Northamptonshire Ambassador and Hewitsons Head of Corporate Services, Dominic Hopkins, has introduced NEP’s newly appointed Inward Investment Manager, Dave Burrows, to Hutchison and MBBP as the NEP executive prepares for his trans-US visit in March to centres that include North Carolina (NASCAR) and California (hosting this year’s ‘Composites’ Conference). Visits to the LEI firms in Raleigh and San Diego are planned. Thanks go to Fred Hutchison and Jon Gworek and the law firms involved for their support of this initiative and for sharing their perspectives on the experience of the mature technology clusters in the US in measures to foster the development of early stage businesses and inward investment.