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01st August 2014

Who decides on your care?

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BBC Radio 4 hosted an interesting discussion on the 31st July concerning health care of the elderly and the question of who does, and who should, make the decisions.

Overall the recommendation was to make a Living Will or a Health & Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney. Both are ways of ensuring that we can choose who makes the decisions for us when we are no longer able to do so, although they do have differences in how that is achieved. Our guidance notes on Living Wills and Health & Welfare Lasting Power of Attorneys can help you understand how both documents work.

Sadly, the contributors told moving stories of families who were sure their parents wouldn’t have wanted the particular treatment they received. Unfortunately the families didn’t have the legal documents in place to ensure that they could speak for their parents, once their parents were no longer capable of being consulted. Nor, indeed, in some cases had the parents been given the trigger to discuss such decisions with their family, or with their doctors. Anyone who missed the programme, or who wants to read the other life stories submitted after the programme, can click here.

If you haven’t yet grasped the nettle and made a Lasting Power of Attorney (or Living Will) and would like some help, please contact Carolyn Bagley on 01908 247015 or click here to email Carolyn.

For more information on our Wills & Powers of Attorney services please click here.