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Information about our charges for Residential Property sales, purchases and mortgages

Basis of charging

We do not provide fixed prices for sales, purchases mortgages or re-mortgages of residential properties. Instead, our fees are calculated by reference to the amount of time and work we assess is likely to be involved, charged for at the hourly rate of the lawyer who will be doing the job.

Our lawyers and their experience

Biographies of all of lawyers who provide these services can be found within the Meet the Team section of our Residential Property page.

Our hourly rates may be increased but currently stand as below. VAT is added at the prevailing rate (currently 20%):-

  • Partner - £295 per hour
  • Senior Associate - £250 per hour
  • Associate - £225 per hour
  • Solicitor - £190 per hour

To view members of our  team please view the Meet The Team section of our Residential Property page. 

The total cost of our services

Sales and Purchase

The total cost of any particular transaction will vary according to the particular circumstances of that case and will reflect any special complications. Examples of factors which will influence the cost are:

  • The property is leasehold
  • The property has only just been built (and has not previously been lived in)
  • Title to the property is unregistered
  • The property is listed
  • A mortgage is to be discharged from or secured upon the property.

It is therefore not possible for us to provide an overall cost for any particular case without discussing the transaction with you beforehand.

Nevertheless, we can say that our fees for a typical house sale or purchase range from around £950 plus VAT for a simple transaction to around £5,000 plus VAT for a substantial historic building on unregistered land.

Our fees for a typical mortgage (or re-mortgage) range from around £650 plus VAT for a straightforward loan from a mainstream mortgage lender to £2,000 plus VAT for a bridging loan from a specialist lender secured on a property with a complex title.

NOTE: if the mortgage relates to a property you are buying the fee for this work will be included in the fee estimate given for that transaction.

Payments we make on your behalf to others or ‘disbursements’

There are certain payments which we have to pay on your behalf in order to complete our work for you. These are known as ‘disbursements’ and will form part of the total cost you have to pay to us. Again, these payments will vary according to the transaction we are dealing with and, in particular, the value of the property.

However, the following is an indication of the range of such costs which are likely to be payable for these transactions:

  • For all purchases and independent mortgages there will be the cost of the usual searches to pay for. Those will be in the range of £155 to £250 including VAT
  • For all purchases there will be a land registration fee to pay. These vary between £20 and £455 (although they can be higher in particular cases). No VAT is charged on these fees
  • For leasehold purchases and sales there are fees payable to freeholders, management companies and/or their respective agents which can range from £250 to £1,000. VAT may, or may not apply to these charges.

Details of our services

Please click the following links to our Guides to the SalePurchase and Mortgages of Residential Properties which give more details of the work involved in these transactions. Any work which falls outside that listed in these Guides will fall outside the price given for that transaction. Examples of such additional work include:

  • Advice about co-ownership issues beyond a simple declaration in the Transfer document
  • Dealing with a new or existing tenancy of the property
  • Drafting additional agreements, deeds or taking other steps necessary to rectify defects which will enable the property to be sold or mortgaged.