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Resources - Brochures

  • CleanTech Brochure

    From wind farms to residential energy microgeneration projects, our CleanTech Group provides specialist advice to developers, energy generators, land and property owners, manufacturers and suppliers of related technologies as well as others engaged in the fast developing energy sector.

  • Oxbridge Corridor Brochure

    Our Brochure detailing the Oxford Cambridge corridor.

  • Hewitsons Firmwide Brochure

    Our Firm Brochure

  • Agriculture - Planning for Pig & Poultry

    Practical advice on how to maximise the chances of success when planning for pig and poultry units.

  • Disputes & Litigation - Litigation Costs & Funding options

    The legal costs incurred by a party to litigation usually comprise solicitors’ and counsel’s fees, court fees and payments to third parties (‘disbursements’, such as expert’s fees). Each party is primarily responsible for their own costs, but if successful some costs may be recoverable from the other side.

  • A Brief Guide to Part 36

    Part 36 of the Civil Procedure Rules (which govern civil litigation) provides a scheme for making offers to settle a claim which can be expected to have financial consequences.

  • A Brief Guide to Disclosure

    Disclosure is the process by which parties to litigation identify documents which they will rely on, or which they have that may damage or support a case.

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