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Craig Veltri, Solicitor


Direct Dial: 01223 447 424
Mobile: 07875 948 398

A bit about me

Corporate law is all about negotiations and getting a deal done. It’s essential to have the right support on your side, whether you’re forming a new company, taking part in a merger or acquisition – and everything in between!

I have worked with a range of investor companies and corporate entities as well as shareholders and company directors.

I’ve also spent time working on mergers and acquisitions and investor agreements.

Outside of work, I am passionate about football, travel and boardgames.

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Seek advice at the earliest opportunity

Keep up-to-date and accurate records

File all necessary paperwork by timeframes given in statute

How long will this take?
This can vary depending on your query, but we will always endeavour to keep to your timescales.

How much will this cost?
We will be upfront about our costs and detail them in our Client Care letter, keeping you informed as your matter progresses.

How do I achieve my goals?
By seeking professional legal advice and adhering to the law.

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