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Bringing people together to create strong connections is a key part of good business relations; the conversations you have around a business meeting are often just as important as the meeting itself.

So it makes sense to bring people from businesses across our communities together – we can share experiences, learn about other people’s professions and make long-standing connections which will make the business community stronger.

Why get involved in networking?

Our professional networks

Young professionals around our Worcester, Hereford and Cheltenham offices benefit from the networks that we have created.

In Cheltenham the Prospects group holds a quarterly event for other young professionals below partner level; known as The Exchange, it’s a free informal social networking event held in Cheltenham and offering up and coming professionals the chance to meet like-minded individuals in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

Worcester Connect was set up by staff to create new networks within the city among professionals – the inaugural event drew colleagues from local accountancy firms, estate agents and business consultants.

In Hereford the Young Professionals group takes a fresh approach to networking, focusing on staff who are new to their roles across a range of firms, including entrepreneurs and new businesses. They meet in the city’s range of independent venues and are keen to support local enterprise and local suppliers or producers.

How it works

For each of our networks, meeting up with colleagues is just as important as meeting new people – it’s too easy to keep your head down in your work and not get to know the people in the next office.

Getting to know colleagues informally means that expertise is shared and everyone can cross-refer, so clients get the best advice available. Creating an internal network means that people can share their specialisms and also benefit from the support and advice of partners and senior staff more easily.

That internal network supports the growth of an external network – as we work with people in other professions, we can learn from their point of view and their expertise. Meeting up socially gives us a chance to create a different kind of relationship, and it’s a great way of creating mutual support for local businesses.

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