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Conservation & Landed Charities

We cater for all types of charities and are privileged to act for over 400 charities, educational organisations, institutions and social enterprises. Charities are as diverse as the needs they seek to address and consequently Hewitsons' Charity solicitors offer broad and flexible services. Our Charity lawyers are able to answer any legal need for any charity.

We have developed our charity law services to provide tailored advice and support for:

  • Complex, service providing charities
  • Corporate charities
  • Grant making charities
  • Educational charities
  • Small charities

Our charity lawyers understand the different needs of different structures of charities, such as trusts, unincorporated associations, guarantee companies, industrial and provident societies, royal charter corporations, and charities founded by Act of Parliament.

From arts to zoos, we deal with charities in a great variety of sub-sectors. These include conservation, education, faith based charities, community associations and village hall charities, NGOs and relief and development charities, almshouses, zoos and animal charities, heritage and property charities, theatres and arts charities, residential and care homes, hospices, offender rehabilitation, community foundations, sports and leisure trusts, medical and condition related charities, benevolent funds, youth organisations and wildlife trusts.

Please have a look at our specific services which are available for charities:

  • Charity law
  • Charity proceedings and charity tribunals
  • Corporate and Commercial
  • Corporate charities
  • Development and construction
  • Dispute resolution
  • Employment
  • Environmental law
  • Fees and debt recovery
  • Governance, risk management & strategic planning
  • Grant making charities
  • Health & safety
  • Property
  • Small charities.
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