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Fundraising & Trading

Finance and funding for a charity or an educational institution is the same yet different to that for other businesses. Charities and educational institutions are subject to the need for funding and financial control like all businesses, but the issues and restrictions differ. There are statutory and regulatory requirements for the unwary.

Our Charity and Education experts work with corporate, commercial, banking and private wealth colleagues to ensure charities and educational institutions have exactly the right advice and are protected from inappropriate terms required by banks, commercial organisations, donors, grant makers or recipients, and also that internal financial arrangements are correct.

Our advice covers:

  • Trading and trading companies
  • Tax mitigation
  • Investment arrangements
  • Permanent endowment restrictions
  • Restricted and designated funds
  • Prize funds, awards and bursaries
  • Fundraising regulation
  • Tainted donations
  • Professional fundraising
  • Wills and legacy advice
  • Contested probates
  • Commercial participation arrangements
  • Lotteries
  • Inter-company and group finance
  • Internal financial controls and policies
  • Risk management systems
  • Borrowing, lenders' terms, and security
  • Warranties, indemnities and guarantees
  • Grant making systems, administration, and grant agreements
  • Claw back arrangements
  • Project finance
  • Joint venture finance
  • Novation of finance agreements
  • PFI arrangements
  • Advice on financial difficulties
  • Insolvency

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Latest testimonials

"On behalf of the trustees who attended your excellent training session yesterday, a very sincere thank you. It was excellent and I know it gave those present a lot to think about!"
A Cambridge Charitable Foundation

"Thank you so much. Your advice has been invaluable."

Ms R, Governance advice

"Thank you so much for a thought-provoking and vital presentation. I am very grateful to you. It will help immensely. All best."

Mr D

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