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Individuals, businesses and communities are always connected and this is seen very much through philanthropy. Many people’s sense of achievement comes as much from sharing the benefits of success as from establishing success in the first place.

Modern philanthropy involves an investment of time and money rather than simple giving. As we advise both private wealth clients and charities, our strengths are perfectly suited to addressing these matters.

Our services include:

  • Strategy: we develop a strategy to meet your aims, whether you are a donor or a charity. A donor may then establish a foundation or work with existing organisations; this may include targets, collaborative working, and brand issues.
  • Structure: the right structure must suit your circumstances and be flexible for the future. We advise and prepare documents, set up a charity, fund or other arrangement, and register it if required.
  • Systems: efficiency leads to effectiveness. This includes administration, grants, collaborations, risk management and due diligence
  • Tax planning: we advise on personal tax planning and work with tax advisers to ensure arrangements are tax efficient and forward thinking.
  • Review: any arrangement must be reviewed periodically to ensure it is still effective. We work with individuals, businesses and foundations to do this, either on specific issues or as a wide ranging review.


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Latest testimonials

"On behalf of the trustees who attended your excellent training session yesterday, a very sincere thank you. It was excellent and I know it gave those present a lot to think about!"
A Cambridge Charitable Foundation

"Thank you so much. Your advice has been invaluable."

Ms R, Governance advice

"Thank you so much for a thought-provoking and vital presentation. I am very grateful to you. It will help immensely. All best."

Mr D

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