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Buying & Selling Farms & Estates

Buying & Selling Farms & Estates


Whether to buy or sell land or a farm is an important decision and having someone there who is able to advise you on all of the aspects relating to the proposed transaction is imperative. Whether your concern relates to ensuring that any retained land continues to have the benefit of rights over the land being sold or to losing out on future development of the land, there is someone here that is able to help you. Our experienced and pragmatic approach will help us look at tailoring the structure of the deal to your needs.

Although when dealing with matters such as the sale or purchase of land and farms the objectives of the parties are similar, the ways in which the deal could be structured can be wide ranging and the best approach depends entirely on the nature of the transaction and the concerns and objectives of the parties. Our team has gained considerable experience over many years and we feel that we are best placed to give you the advice that you need in order that the transaction suits not only your requirements but addresses your concerns.

We would be happy to discuss any potential purchase or sale with you.
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