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Commercial Contracts

Commercial Contracts


For commercial certainty and to protect your business, all of your contracts should be in writing and properly executed, which poses challenges especially when many agreements are now electronic or made online. Contracts that do not clearly set out the responsibilities and liabilities of all parties, or for which the final text is unclear or the formalities have not been met, can cause expensive and time-consuming damage to your important business relationships.

Our team of commercial lawyers provides advice on, and handles the drafting and negotiation of, a wide range of commercial contracts across many different sectors. This includes agreements relating to:

  • the supply of goods and services;
  • agency and distribution arrangements;
  • terms and conditions of business;
  • the exploitation of intellectual property; and
  • franchising arrangements.
If you are trading or have business interests elsewhere in the European Union, you will also need to take account of competition rules which can potentially render important provisions in your agreements unenforceable, as well as exposing you to possible fines and claims for damages. There may be exemptions which will apply, such as those for vertical agreements (such as distribution agreements) and technology transfer agreements. Depending on the nature of the agreement, you may also need to take account of laws such as the Commercial Agents Regulations, which provide a range of protection for commercial agents including rights to compensation on termination of the contract.

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