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Data Protection & Privacy

Data Protection & Privacy


Over recent years the proliferation of personal data, and data storage devices and locations, as well as an increased focus on regulating how and for what purpose personal data is used, has translated into extra business costs, time and risk for almost all businesses operating in the UK.

This is an ever-changing area of the law. For businesses involved in transfers of personal data to the United States, the demise of the ‘safe harbor’ scheme, and the recent introduction of the ‘Privacy Shield’, has led to increased scrutiny. We now also have the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Our expertise includes advising on:

  • GDPR
  • privacy policies
  • data subject access requests
  • compliance with the data protection legislation
  • data sharing and data security
  • the overseas transfer of personal data
  • enforcement sanctions and remedies

Data Protection is an area where focused and pragmatic advice will help to avoid costly problems. Get your data protection and implementation policy right and it is reasonably straightforward. Get it wrong and fines, as well as legal costs, can follow.

Our lawyers know the rules and how to use them and, when problems do arise, how to deal with them.
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