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As technology lawyers we get excited about the latest technology and there are plenty of exciting developments in technologies with applications across a wide range of sectors. Where we have a client who is at the forefront of technology developments in a particular field, then we get even more excited. But to be able to advise on any new technology, its protection and commercialisation, we need to understand the relevant law. For some new technologies, this will involve trying to apply current law to new areas that had not even been thought about when the law was enacted. For other technologies it may mean moving into areas where there is no law and we have to rely on established legal principles.

A lot of the laws applicable to new technologies have changed significantly over the last twenty years. The laws relating to e-commerce, cloud computing, open source software and privacy/data protection are just some examples. Equally, there are laws which have not changed very much in that time, such as the rules for patent protection or the application of copyright to software applications.

We have a team of experienced lawyers who specialise in technology matters. We get excited when our clients talk to us about new technology, and we take time to understand what is involved and how it works. But we also know the law – what it is today and what it was twenty years ago. That’s what makes us true technology lawyers!


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Latest testimonials

"Andrew is an excellent lawyer who understands the legal and technical aspects of IT whilst never losing sight of the commercial big picture. His MBA background gives him a valuable "edge" in dealing with numbers as well as words, together with useful insight into business issues”. (Comment from a consultant contact)

“Andrew was well able to offer sound advice that was practical, and did not just represent the technical legalities. Clearly Andrew understands the legal side as well as anyone, but he also has a wider perspective to contribute, which is refreshing”. (Comment from a client)

"Andrew Priest is a really valuable addition to the firm's IP expertise, with deep industry understanding and a sharp legal mind." (Comment from Legal 500)

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