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Life Sciences

The field of life sciences is fast-moving and competitive, and effective legal support is essential at all stages of any life science business. We are proud to have worked in the sector for many years, advising on areas such as research and development contracts, clinical trials, drug discoveries, medical devices and biotechnology products.

We have experience in advising a diverse range of clients in this sector, from individuals and start-ups to multi-nationals, research institutes and NHS Trusts. We have a good understanding of many of the scientific principles involved in the technology and this enables us to provide practical insight into how best to commercialise it effectively.

In this sector we provide expert advice on:

  • commercial agreements, including research, collaboration, clinical trial, manufacture and supply, licensing and technology transfer agreements
  • patent and other IP infringement issues
  • data protection and privacy issues
  • competition law and anti-trust issues
  • contracts for employees, consultants and scientific advisory board members
  • property and construction matters
  • investment funding, mergers, acquisitions and flotations..

As this is a global sector, we have developed a lot of experience of negotiating contracts with an international element. As a founder member of LawExchange International – the international network of technology orientated law firms – we can obtain swift overseas advice as and when necessary.

Key Contacts

Latest testimonials

"Andrew is an excellent lawyer who understands the legal and technical aspects of IT whilst never losing sight of the commercial big picture. His MBA background gives him a valuable "edge" in dealing with numbers as well as words, together with useful insight into business issues”. (Comment from a consultant contact)

“Andrew was well able to offer sound advice that was practical, and did not just represent the technical legalities. Clearly Andrew understands the legal side as well as anyone, but he also has a wider perspective to contribute, which is refreshing”. (Comment from a client)

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