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We advise on a broad range of areas within the ‘software life-cycle’:

  • Software Procurement - compliance with procurement rules, the preparation of tender documentation and the drafting of responses throughout the tender process.
  • Software Development - drafting and negotiating contracts to reflect the chosen method of development of the software, the agreed specification and other commercial terms.
  • Software Ownership - advice on the ownership of software (including issues of joint ownership) and the steps to be taken to ensure that rights are vested in the intended owner.
  • Software Licensing - drafting and negotiating software licence terms and royalty provisions.
  • Software Support - drafting and negotiating software support agreements, service level agreements (SLAs) and service credit regimes.
  • Transfer of Software Rights - advice on, and drafting contract terms for, the assignment of rights in software, and the effective transfer of rights and obligations in software related contracts.
  • Termination of Software Agreements - drafting termination and exit provisions in software contracts, and liaising with litigation colleagues to advise on options for termination of those contracts and liability for termination payments.


Key Contacts

Andrew Priest - Partner

Andrew Priest


+44 (0)1223 532746

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Bill Thatcher - Partner

Bill Thatcher


+44 (0)1223 532709

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Kevin Fletcher - Consultant

Kevin Fletcher


+44 (0)1604 463373

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Latest testimonials

"Andrew is an excellent lawyer who understands the legal and technical aspects of IT whilst never losing sight of the commercial big picture. His MBA background gives him a valuable "edge" in dealing with numbers as well as words, together with useful insight into business issues”. (Comment from a consultant contact)

“Andrew was well able to offer sound advice that was practical, and did not just represent the technical legalities. Clearly Andrew understands the legal side as well as anyone, but he also has a wider perspective to contribute, which is refreshing”. (Comment from a client)

"Andrew Priest is a really valuable addition to the firm's IP expertise, with deep industry understanding and a sharp legal mind." (Comment from Legal 500)

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