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Land Registration

Land Registration


HM Land Registry keeps a national database which contains details of the owners of land, the extent of each parcel of land, its value and any matters which affect it. This database is updated by solicitors and conveyancers each time land is dealt with.

Not all land is registered with HM Land Registry on their database. This may be because it has not been formally dealt with in a number of years. Such land is often referred to as “unregistered” land. Any legal activity e.g. a sale or death of an owner will trigger the requirement to register this land at HM Land Registry. This is because HM Land Registry wants all land to be registered on their database.

You can also voluntarily register unregistered land. This requires an application to be made to HM Land Registry with all of the title deeds for the land. One advantage of voluntarily registering unregistered land is the reduced Land Registry fee. You will, on average, save 50% compared to if you wait until registration is triggered by a sale, death or other transaction on the land.

We can assist with large or small registration projects whether compulsory or voluntary. We have solicitors who are experts in reconstructing title deeds where they have been lost and advising on the registration of land.
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