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Our Private Wealth Team has long been providing specialist advice on all matters relating to trusts.

There are various types of trusts and many different reasons for their creation. Some trusts will be created by Will; others during lifetime. The overriding aim is usually to provide for family members into the future. More specific aims might be to preserve assets for future generations, protect assets for vulnerable beneficiaries, provide for a second spouse and children of a previous marriage or pass on assets during lifetime.

Our detailed knowledge of the complex law of trusts and the ever-changing law relating to the taxation of trusts, combined with our understanding of our clients’ needs, enables us to advise on all aspects of the creation of trusts, the ongoing administration of those trusts and ultimately, once the trusts’ purposes have been served, the winding up of the trusts.

We have a large dedicated Trust Management Team which administers a significant number of trusts, considerably easing the burden for trustees by dealing with investment managers and HM Revenue & Customs and ensuring the trustees meet the considerable obligations with which they are entrusted.

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