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Franchising continues to be a popular way of licensing the format and rights of a business, and the number of franchisee-owned businesses in the UK is continuing to grow despite the economic pressures of recent years.

We understand the key legal and commercial considerations involved when setting up, or investing in, a franchise operation in the UK or overseas. We regularly advise on issues relating to intellectual property rights, restrictive covenants, advertising and the application of UK and EU competition law. Our lawyers are familiar with the provisions commonly found in franchise agreements, and know the benefits associated with having clear, well drafted and concise contract terms.

Our experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating franchise agreements comes from advising in many different sectors, particularly those involved in food and drinks, retail, hospitality and leisure.

For international franchise arrangements, we regularly liaise with our associated law firms in LawExchange International to ensure that any issues arising from operating a franchise in another country or territory are covered as well.

Key Contacts

Kevin Fletcher - Consultant

Kevin Fletcher


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Bill Thatcher - Partner

Bill Thatcher


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