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Many businesses now outsource some or all of their IT functions, particularly if the provision of IT services is not a core part of the business. Likewise, other functions in the business, such as HR, accounts and knowledge management, are increasingly being outsourced.

Our lawyers have been closely involved in many outsourcings in both the private and public sectors, so we understand the legal, commercial and financial issues that often arise and how to deal with them. Sometimes we are involved in outsourcing projects from an early stage, sometimes we are called in to assist in the contract negotiations and finalisation of the documentation.

Many existing outsourcing agreements are now being re-negotiated or even replaced, usually by the customer but sometimes by the supplier, in order to achieve a better deal. Some agreements are even re-negotiated to bring the arrangements to an early end so that the outsourced function can be either brought back ‘in-house’ or transferred to another supplier. All of the legal and commercial expertise that our lawyers gained in the original outsourcings are applied to these subsequent deals.

Our expertise includes:

  • providing strategic advice during planning and procurement stages
  • advising on appropriate contract structures
  • advising on detailed contract terms
  • undertaking legal risk assessments
  • drafting, negotiating and amending contract terms
  • assisting in contract and termination negotiations and disputes.

Key Contacts

Kevin Fletcher - Consultant

Kevin Fletcher


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Bill Thatcher - Partner

Bill Thatcher


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