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Terms & Conditions of Business

Terms & Conditions of Business


Many businesses enter contracts so frequently that it simply isn’t practical for contract managers and legal advisers to draft and negotiate bespoke contract terms every time. By contrast, having a set of standard terms of business has several advantages:

  • it ensures consistency across a large number of contracts, allowing obligations and risks to be measured without reviewing every individual contract;
  • small-print ‘boilerplate’ terms are less likely to be negotiated by many parties whomay be inclined to look only at the headline terms of a contract; and
  • it avoids putting off customers who do not wish to negotiate complicated legal documents before entering into a contract with the business.
Having a poorly drafted set of standard terms can sometimes do more harm than good to a business and many businesses have found themselves in difficulties by simply copying their standard terms from someone else’s precedent.

Standard terms are complicated and risk being unenforceable if they infringe certain consumer and business protection legislation, and they often involve a wide range of other legal, commercial and financial issues.

That’s why you can rely on our team of expert commercial lawyers to draft clear, enforceable and appropriate standard terms that will provide a strong and robust contractual basis for your business dealings.

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