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Corporate Governance of Charities

Corporate Governance of Charities


Corporate governance is at the heart of a charity’s strength: very often we can identify governance issues behind the success or difficulties of the charities we advise. In recognition of the importance of governance our national lawyers advise particularly on this and related matters including:

  • Trustees’ training on the full range of their legal duties or specific issues
  • Implementing or reviewing governance frameworks, policies and ancillary matters
  • Advising on effective governance within a group of charities 
  • Risk management systems and particular strategies such as incorporation
  • Strategic planning
  • Board support, as to paperwork preparation, review of minutes, or attending meetings
  • Regular or periodic reviews on any governance issue or as a general compliance and governance health check.

Hewitsons' lawyers know that developing strong corporate governance and ensuring compliance must not hamper your charity’s work, so our governance support, risk management and strategic planning services will work around you.

Here are some of the most important elements of our corporate governance advice and support:

  • It is suitable for any charity including those with complex arrangements and needs
  • It can cover any aspect of law, compliance, regulation, strategy and governance
  • It could dovetail with the existing annual financial and reporting process or else be at some other time to suit you
  • The support can take shape as a comprehensive one-off, a regular check-up such as by us looking over your trustees minutes, or timely reassurance for significant decisions and changes
  • The scope will be set by you.

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