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Contract Claims & Disputes

Despite the best precautions, problems and disputes can frequently arise from agreements.  If you find yourself having to enforce a contract or are on the receiving end of a contractual claim, our experienced commercial litigators will advise on your options and the best strategy for the case, assisting with the risk assessment required. Whether it is an entirely UK scenario or it has an international dimension, we are well placed to help.

Taking the case to Court may or may not be what is needed. If a resolution cannot be negotiated, we have a track record of guiding clients successfully through the complex litigation procedures involved and achieving first-class outcomes. Commonly, one of the alternative dispute resolution procedures (ADR) will be preferable to Court.  This is a topic we consider with clients at the outset and throughout the case. Our experience of Mediation and the other types of ‘assisted negotiation’ and adjudication procedures available (whether Arbitration or Adjudication under the scheme for construction contracts) equips our litigators to assist you make the right decisions and make the best of the chosen option.

Throughout it all, our clients can be confident of receiving the information they need on the cost risks involved and how they can be managed, keeping control. Protecting your interests is our priority.

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Latest testimonials

extremely helpful and accessible at every level
Chambers & Partners 2018

Latest testimonials

"The young lady [Tiffany Benson] from Northampton who came down to see me was absolutely great. I went into the appointment with great fears and came out feeling as though a load of weight had been taken from my shoulders and my fears seemed less. Many thanks to her."
Miss E

"Tiffany Benson was entirely professional and efficient in her handling of a difficult situation I found myself in trying to deal with another firm of Solicitors. Her approach was direct and supportive and she always kept me up to date with each step. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tiffany."
Miss S

"We found Hewitsons helpful and informative in our initial discussions, with costs and benefits of various approaches made clear. Once engaged, they were proactive and kept us well informed of progress. Although our particular claim was reasonably complex, it was pursued rigorously, and with a very satisfactory outcome".
Ms N

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