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Disciplinary & Grievances

Disciplinary and grievance issues in the workplace are difficult areas for both employers and employees. Tensions are high, and the consequences of getting it wrong potentially costly for an employer. Our Employment team however is on hand to help businesses through these issues.

We can advise your business on all aspects of the disciplinary and grievance processes. From assisting with drafting and putting into place up to date and compliant disciplinary and grievance polices, to guiding you through the processes when a disciplinary or grievance issue arises, our Employment lawyers have vast practical knowledge and experience to assist businesses in dealing with these matters.

Disciplinary issues can be further complicated when an employee raises a grievance during a disciplinary process, or if there are issues of potential discrimination to bear in mind. We help businesses navigate these issues, providing advice as to how to handle them and highlighting any key factors that may need to be considered to help businesses to reach a resolution.

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Latest testimonials

"Valerie was absolutely fantastic in her legal strategy & planning & response times with opposing counsel which was the Chairman of the other firm. When this Chairman was not responsive on many occasions - Valerie kept her cool and responded back in an extremely cool & logical manner. I could not have asked for better counsel in my situation as she reacted extremely well in my case against an opposing legal entity that represented a very large Italian EPC company. This case was settled quickly and amicably by her"
Mr D

Latest testimonials

"A first class job - many thanks for guiding us through the maze of legal procedures. It was a tremendous effort on your part."
Mr Philip Kennedy - Managing Director
Eschmann Technologies Ltd

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