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Policies & Procedures in the Workplace

Most businesses know that they need to have certain policies and procedures in place, such as those dealing with discipline and grievances, as well as areas such as equal opportunities.

Many such policies and procedures are however often incomplete or out of date, often due to changes in size or make up of the workforce or simply because of changes in employment law – do your disciplinary and grievance polices for example reflect the March 2015 edition of the ACAS Code of Practice?

Every business, of whatever size and shape, needs to undertake a review of its policies on a regular basis.

Furthermore, as businesses grow they will find that it is not only useful but indeed often required that they put in place all sorts of other policies, such as those dealing with:

  • Whistleblowing
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Sickness absence and pay
  • Holidays
  • Company cars and driving on company business
  • Emails, internet and social media
  • Substance misuse and random testing
  • Anti-harassment and bullying
  • Anti-slavery and human trafficking
  • Smoking
  • Expenses
  • Time off
  • Stress at work

All our employment solicitors have extensive experience of reviewing and providing all these and many other types of policy and procedures, whether they are stand alone or part of a company handbook.

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"Valerie was absolutely fantastic in her legal strategy & planning & response times with opposing counsel which was the Chairman of the other firm. When this Chairman was not responsive on many occasions - Valerie kept her cool and responded back in an extremely cool & logical manner. I could not have asked for better counsel in my situation as she reacted extremely well in my case against an opposing legal entity that represented a very large Italian EPC company. This case was settled quickly and amicably by her"
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Latest testimonials

"A first class job - many thanks for guiding us through the maze of legal procedures. It was a tremendous effort on your part."
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