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Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery


There can be many reasons why those who owe money fail to pay. Whether it is a case of ‘can’t pay’ or a case of ‘won’t pay’, our experienced debt recovery lawyers will quickly identify the procedural options available and assist you in making the best decisions to maximise recoveries.

If there is a dispute about what is owed, then we will help you assess the merits and meet the case made, through the courts if that is necessary. If the right to payment needs to be enforced, we can do that too, whether that is on a Judgment of the Court or by the exercise of security rights. Our debt recovery lawyers also include specialists in insolvency who can guide you through the procedures that may be relevant to the case and their implications. Protecting your interests is our priority.

Key Contacts

Christopher Mackie - Head of Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

Christopher Mackie

Head of Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

020 7400 5045

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