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Insolvency Claims & Proceedings

Insolvency Claims & Proceedings


Our insolvency lawyers are recognised as specialists in their field. 

Acting for insolvency office holders (Liquidators, Administrators and Trustees in Bankruptcy amongst others), as well as creditors and others whose interests may be affected by insolvency or financial difficulty (whether of a business or an individual), our specialist lawyers guide clients through this technical area of law and practice. We have a proven record of success in recovering value for creditors through the available insolvency procedures. Whether that means recovering assets or claiming against a director for wrongful trading or pursuing other remedies, we are well placed to assist.

Where those responsible for the management of an organisation experiencing financial difficulty need help, our insolvency lawyers are able to provide ‘good governance’ advice to assist clients in managing the risks they are facing and can also handle claims which may arise.

Our ability to advise on the law relating to key assets (such as Intellectual Property) and on regulated areas (such as Pensions) affected by an insolvency is well recognised. We also handle cross-border cases (with the assistance of fellow members of LawExchange International). Protecting our clients’ interests is our priority.